Green Ticket ~ 9 Dose Sugar Free Brownie (162mg)

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  • --% THC
  • --% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Green Ticket ~ 9 Dose Sugar Free Brownie (162mg) Product Description

Great for Diabetics and for weight management! More than 5,000 years ago cannabis was first used as a medicine, 2,000 years later a magic bean was discovered. Green Gold Bakery combines these amazing discoveries using 100% cocoa, and all natural ingredients to create a perfect brownie that will satisfy any chocolate lover without any medicinal taste....we think these are just delicious! Green Ticket Bakery understands finding edibles meeting specific dietary conditions can be challenging. Just because you prefer to eat a certain way doesn’t mean you have to suffer. You no longer need to be concerned about finding an edible based on a specific dietary condition such as food allergies, gluten free, vegan or needing a sugar free item. Our properly labeled edibles will allow you to make an easier more informed decision.

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