Green Crack

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  • 18% THC
  • 0.15% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Green Crack Product Description

 Green Crack is nothing like the name would suggest. Another name for the strain is Green Kush, since referring to a strain as “crack” is disturbing for some people. Supposedly, Green Crack was originally Green Kush, but was renamed by famous hip-hop artist and ganjapreneur Snoop Dogg. This strain is highly valued for its invigorating effects, which stimulates both the body and the mind. Unlike other strains, Green Crack can be grown as both a sativa and an indica, though the indica varietal is more rare than its sativa counterpart.

Green Crack Details and Aesthetics

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Green Crack’s origins are not entirely for sure. The strain was originally bred in Georgia in the seventies. The sativa is said to be originally bred from Skunk #1. The indica variety is said to be bred from a strain of Afghani. Green Crack typically tests at 16% THC. At this strain’s highest it has tested at 24%, so it tests much higher than the average sativa. CBD content tests at 0.14%

Green Crack is a much easier strain to grow than other strains, which makes it a good strain for first time growers. This strain can be grown easily either indoors or outdoors. If you are growing this strain outdoors, this strain thrives best in warm climates from 70-80 degrees. Plants typically reach between three and four feet tall, so it grows more like an indica than a sativa in some aspects. The strain is usually ready to harvest in mid-October. Green Crack plants typically yield about 41-46 grams per square foot.

Once cured, Green Crack buds come in varying shades of vivid green, with spiky orange hairs and a thick layer of white trichomes. These are some of the brightest shades of green that you will find in a cannabis strain. Though Green Crack is primarily grown as a sativa, it exhibits characteristics of an indica. Buds tend to be on the smaller and more dense side.

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Green Crack Flavor/ Aroma

Green Crack has quite the distinctive aroma. The strain is both fruity and peppery, with hints of citrus and wood chips. It’s quite a pleasant mix, but can be a bit skunky. Use caution if you live in a situation where your cannabis habit requires discretion. The smoke from Green Crack is not as pervasive as other strains. It tends to dissipate rather quickly. All you need is a quick pass through the room you were smoking in, then you should be good to go.

Green Crack has a delicious flavor that matches the strain’s delectable aroma. The taste is indicative of citrus fruits and mango. It’s also spicy with sugary accents. This mix of flavors really just make this strain one of the best tasting strains you’ve had. The taste of the smoke from this strain is smooth and tangy, with a mild aftertaste. The smoke from this strain is not overtly harsh, it’s not likely to cause you to go into a coughing fit.

Green Crack Physiological Effects

Green Crack does not have a great deal of physiological effects, being the strong sativa that it is. Users can of course, expect to feel bursts of energy, that are powerful, but not as long lasting as other strains. This strain does cause some dry eyes and dry mouth, so make sure that you are hydrated and have some eye drops to get you through.

Green Crack Psychological Effects

Green Crack is known best for the amazing psychological effects that it induces in the user. This strain causes bursts of euphoria that make you feel like you’re shooting straight into the stars. Green Crack is a very creative strain. It’s one of the most intellectually stimulating strains of cannabis that you can find on the market. This strain is good for mind blowing conversations with good friends. It’s good for burying yourself into a good book, or writing music.

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Green Crack is Often Used to Treat…

This particular strain is not typically used by medical cannabis patients because of the lower amount of physical effects. It’s not particularly well suited for treating pain or epileptic seizure. This strain is effective for treating mental conditions such as stress, depression, and other anxiety and emotional disorders. I recommend this strain for people who have difficulty motivating themselves. This strain can make even the most mundane activities like folding laundry fun, and I hate folding laundry.

This strain is not the best for medical cannabis users, but it is a favorite of recreational users and people that just need an extra boost to help them get through the day. This strain may be a little too strong for newer users, as it can cause paranoia among inexperienced people. Green Crack is a fun strain. You are surely in for a good time.

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