Dutch Treat

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img-125 Relax
  • 24% THC
  • 0.22% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Dutch Treat Product Description

A staple of the coffeehouses of Amsterdam, Dutch Treat is an indica dominant hybrid that will make you feel relaxed and recharged. As far as potency, this strain is above the grade. It averages from 18-21%, though some phenotypes test closer to 25 or even 30 percent! Dutch Treat has a higher than average CBD content ranging from 0.21-0.24%.

Dutch Treat Strain Details

Sometimes called Dutch Crunch, this strain originated in the rainy terrain of the Pacific Northwest. It was grown by the renowned breeder Jordan of the Islands, which produced many popular strains used for crossbreeding. The actual genetics of Dutch Treat are still not known, leaving this strain’s origins shrouded in mystery.

Dutch Treat has a fresh and fruity aroma of pine and freshly picked blueberries. It’s definitely one of the most delightful smelling strains I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. This sweet scent will linger in the air long after you’ve finished your bowl. This strain’s flavor tastes a bit different than you would expect. It’s a much more woodsy and earthy taste, with a hint of sweetness and some spices.

This strain offers a balance of indica and sativa effects and as such can be enjoyed at almost any time of day. Some like it during the mornings because it helps them focus and gives them energy. Others prefer the evening because it relaxes them.

Dutch Treat Physical and Mental Effects

This strain offers a unique balance of both indica and sativa, which only adds to its mystery. You will feel energetic, yet very relaxed and at peace with yourself and your surroundings. You can also expect to feel uplifted, creative. You will feel an intense euphoria that will last for a good half hour before it ebbs into a calm bliss.

There are few negative effects with this strain; indeed this is one of the reasons for its popularity. Some users might feel anxiety or paranoia, perhaps some dizziness as well. This strain causes pretty bad cottonmouth too.

Medical Uses for Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat has a lot of medical uses, such as migraines, PTSD, and insomnia. This strain also works well for treating ADHD, as well as depression and anxiety. Dutch Treat is a strain that any cannabis connoisseur should try at least once. It provides an experience like no other.  

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