Bubba Kush

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  • 21% THC
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  • --% CBN
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Bubba Kush Product Description

Indica dominant Bubba Kush is well known for its heavy, hypnotic effects. This strain has a mysterious origin. According to legend, in1996 a strain of OG Kush pollinated a mystery indica strain said to be originally from New Orleans. Some claim that the indica strain might be Afghani, others have said that it may have been Northern Lights. Bubba Kush has been the parent to  other popular strains such as Bubba’s Gift, and Blackberry Kush.

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Bubba Kush Details and Aesthetics

Bubba Kush tests on average at 15-22%, so it’s about average, compared to other strains. Some varieties of this strain have tested as high as 28%, which is about as potent as you can get.

Image Source: Leafly

The strain typically takes around 60 days to flower, and typically grows better indoors using the “sea of green” technique. Bubba Kush plants are usually short, stocky and dense. Plants are usually bright green in color with streaks of purple, if they are grown in cooler climates. Bubba Kush is one of the easiest strains to grow, so it’s a good strain for first time growers. One of the reasons for this is because the strain is naturally resistant to pests and mold.

Cured Bubba Kush buds are typically small and dense, with streaks of green and purple. Buds are thick with trichomes, even when the bud is broken open. Bubba Kush is one of the most resinous strains around, so it is often used to make hashish and other concentrates.

Bubba Kush Flavor/ Aroma

Bubba Kush has a strong, musky earthy smell, with a distinct fruity aroma. Other varieties of the same strain smell less fruity and more woodsy. There are also hints of coffee bean. The smoke smells spicy, like incense or hashish. Please note, that this is one of the most pungent smelling strains there are, so make sure that your cannabis is sealed tightly and stored properly. If you are living with someone who is sensitive to strong smells, or you need to be discrete about your use, you might consider another purchasing another strain, or consuming Bubba Kush in the form of an edible or a tincture. Vaping it will leave some residual smell, but not as much as combustion will.

Bubba Kush tastes strong, sweet and spicy, though it does not taste like grape, as some other purple strains tend to. The initial taste is similar to chai or cloves, with a hint of vanilla. The smoke tastes spicy and is pretty harsh; coughing fits are common with this strain.

Bubba Kush Physiological Effects

This strain is a pure indica, so it has far more physical effects than mental. Users can expect to feel a strong body high, that can be disorienting at first, but that effect wears off quickly and gives way to a relaxing, full body melt. Though the physical effects of this strain are strong, couchlock is not common. You should have no issues with staying motivated enough to complete your daily activities. Some users will experience sleepiness, however. Under no circumstances should you drive or operate dangerous machinery after consuming Bubba Kush.

Be cautious with edibles, because the effects take longer to appear, and you might be caught by surprise. You certainly wouldn’t want the effects to hit you while stuck in traffic. This strain can stimulate appetite in some users, aka “the munchies.” Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common as well, so be sure to have eyedrops handy. Due to the strong physical effects of this strain it is not recommended that you mix it with alcohol.

Bubba Kush Psychological Effects

Bubba Kush being an indica, it doesn’t have as many psychological effects. Users might feel a bit of brain fog, especially inexperienced users. The strain does induce happiness, but not so much euphoria. Users can expect to feel calm and will experience a feeling of general well being.

Bubba Kush is Often Used to Treat….

Bubba Kush is used primarily to treat physical ailments. The strain is most effective in treating chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite. Many users also find this strain helpful for treating insomnia. Some users claim that Bubba Kush has helped their sex life, due to the strain’s physical effects, and the fact that the strain does not make users feel trapped in their heads.
This strain is better suited for nighttime use, or if you’re planning a relaxing day around the house.

Bubba Kush is well-loved by medical patients and recreational users alike. I would not necessarily recommend it for first time users, or users with a low tolerance. Sometimes the physical effects are a little too much for such people. This is a very enjoyable strain overall. The only negative effects are severe cottonmouth, but that’s an easy fix. Bubba Kush’s strong effects, signature aromas and flavors, and mysterious origins make it one of the most popular and sought after strains around.

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