Blue Dream

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  • 18.2% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • 0.1% CBN
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Blue Dream Product Description

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that was originally bred in California.  Blue Dream was originally bred from the indica Blueberry and the strong sativa Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream typically tests at 17-24% THC.
Blue Dream 2 Image Source: Steep Hill Labs

This strain, like OG Kush is among one of the most well known and popular cannabis strains coming from the West Coast. In fact, it was the number one seller in both Colorado and Washington in 2015.

Blue Dream’s popularity in dispensaries often leads to it being mass produced and often results in poor imitations. If you are specifically looking for this strain, make sure that you are buying the genuine strain.

 Blue Dream Strain Details and Aesthetics

Blue Dream is a little more difficult to grow than other strains, so it’s not a good strain for novice growers. One of the reasons is that the strain is more Plants tend grow fairly tall, with good yields. Blue Dream has four different phenotypes, so effects from different plants may vary; sometimes it acts like a sativa, sometimes Blue Dream is more like an indica.

Blue Dream buds are typically bright green, with blue and orange colored hairs. They are covered in a fine layer of sticky trichomes, which give the bud its signature blue appearance. Buds are small and fluffy, similar to popcorn.

Blue Dream Flavor/ Aroma

Blue Dream is perhaps most well known for its trademark aroma of sugar and fresh blueberries. Breaking open the buds makes the aroma stronger, and more skunky. The smell is not overwhelming like other strains can be, particularly for those who are not as familiar with cannabis. It’s a very pleasant smell, which is one of the reasons Blue Dream is a good strain for people trying cannabis for the first time.

The taste of Blue Dream is uniquely sweet and fruity, similar to blueberry muffins. The smoke is sweet and not at all harsh, which is another reason for this strain’s popularity. The taste is also how you can tell whether or not you have authentic Blue Dream. The taste is often imitated, but not replicated.

Blue Dream Physiological Effects

Physiological effects may vary since Blue Dream is hybrid strain. The strain does put the user into a deep state of relaxation, similar to a therapeutic massage. Users can also expect to feel uplifted, and almost floaty. Taking Blue Dream in edible form is likely to induce sleepiness, in addition to relaxation. This strain works very well at relieving physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, including shaking, shortness of breath, and perspiration. This strain also pairs well with workout routines that are heavily cardio based.

This strain is also very likely to cause cotton mouth and dry eyes, so make sure that you have a glass of water and eye drops close by. A small contingent of patients have claimed that Blue Dream has given them a slight headache, but this may have been due to dehydration, rather than the strain itself.

Blue Dream Psychological Effects

Blue Dream is an intensely euphoric strain. Users should be prepared for instantaneous cerebral effects such as happiness and the above mentioned euphoria. This strain is incredibly uplifting, which pairs well with physically uplifting body high, for an all around great experience.  Blue Dream is also effective at sparking creativity.

This strain is great for motivation as well. If you are trying to motivate yourself to exercise, or get work done around the house, Blue Dream will help you achieve those things.  Paranoia is not a common effect, which is why this strain is favored by people who are prone to stress and anxiety.

Blue Dream is Often Used to Treat…

The fact that Blue Dream is a hybrid strain makes it particularly well rounded for treating a variety of medical conditions, which is why it is favored among medical cannabis patients.Blue Dream is often used to treat chronic pain, especially back pain and arthritis. The well balanced euphoric effects make this strain particularly effective for treating depressive and anxiety disorders. Blue Dream is also good for treating insomnia.

The strain is also good for treating stress, which makes it great for enjoying after a long day in the office. Blue Dream is particularly popular among women for its effectiveness in treating various menstrual symptoms such as cramps and irritability. The strain is good to be used any time of day, though you should not consume it if you are planning on driving anywhere.

Overall, Blue Dream is a very enjoyable strain. It is a favorite of both new users and people who have been enjoying cannabis for years. It’s great for treating a variety of medical conditions. Blue Dream can also be enjoyed recreationally whether it’s with a group of close friends at a dinner party, or on your own before reading a good book. There is a reason why this strain continues to outsell other strains. From its aesthetic appeal to its relaxing effects, this is one of the best strains there is.

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