Bhang Perfecto Truly Disposable 500mg Vape Pen (All-in-one w/ oil)

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Bhang Perfecto Truly Disposable 500mg Vape Pen (All-in-one w/ oil) Product Description

Have you been looking for the ultimate in ease of use and discretion while medicating? Enjoy the finer things in life with this all-in-one, truly disposable vaporizer pen that looks just like a disposable e-cigarette! This personal vaporizer pen comes pre-loaded with Bhang's all-natural blend of pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil that is available in either Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid medicating options. The same exact, potent and pure medicine that's inside of Bhang's Silver Edition All-Natural 550mg Cartridges, comes pre-filled inside these 500mg buttonless, odorless, charge-less personal vape pens, too! Lab results are displayed on each individual package letting the user know exactly what's inside their medicine. Smoke the oil and once you're finished, discard the whole device. This particular, "Perfecto," model is designed so that the cannabis oil runs out well before the disposable battery dies, therefore, once you're done with your oil, you will know it's time to discard your pen because you will take a puff as usual, the battery will light up as usual, but the typical vapor will not appear upon exhalation. Once this happens, toss the whole pen (please recycle) and replace the entire device with your next round of meds from APC as necessary. Enjoy!

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