Banana OG

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  • 22% THC
  • 0.1% CBD
  • --% CBN
  • sep

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Banana OG Product Description

Banana OG is an indica dominant hybrid known for its signature scent of bananas, high potency, good genetics, and being a notorious creeper strain. This strain is exceedingly potent. It averages anywhere from 18-22 percent THC, up to a full ten points ahead of the average indica. At its highest, the strain tests at 25 percent. It was originally bred from everyone’s favorite OG Kush and the hybrid Banana Kush.

Banana OG Strain Details

Banana OG has a strong smell of bananas that some have compared to rotten bananas, and others have compared to overripe bananas. To me, it smells like musty bananas and a bit like skunk.  It’s not the best smelling strain out there, but it’s nowhere near as putrid as people make it out to be. Banana OG’s flavor is much more pleasing than its aroma. On the first taste, you’ll notice the banana flavor, then as you exhale it tastes much spicier, like hash.

This strain is best when enjoyed at night. The main physical effect is sleepiness, so it’s not suited for usage during the day, afternoon, or early evening, unless you’re planning on taking a nap. Banana OG is known as creeper bud, so be aware that it takes a while for you to feel the effects. Don’t consume more than you need to.

Banana OG Physical and Mental Effects

At first, this strain will make you feel relaxed and heavy, an effect which comes on slowly. If you take more than a few puffs, you will most likely end up falling asleep. Wait for the effects to hit you before consuming more, especially if you’re taking an edible. Mentally, will feel euphoric and a little creative. Your body will feel sleepy, but your mind will be buzzing a bit. Banana OG causes cottonmouth and dry eyes among users, and you should of course avoid driving after consuming in case you feel drowsy.

Medical Uses for Banana OG

Banana OG is used to treat a number of medical conditions like depression and insomnia. It can also be used to treat different types of pain and headaches. This strain might be a little too much for first time or inexperienced users to handle. I recommend this strain for people with a higher tolerance. If you are a newer user, try stopping after one hit and see how that makes you feel.

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