List Of Best Comedy Movies In Tamil

List Of Best Comedy Movies In Tamil

Have you been stressed out throughout the week? Do you want to watch something light, fun and entertaining? Then you must surely watch avvaishanmughi, sixer and Gurkha during your extra time.

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Plot OfAvvaiShanmughi

The plot of the movie Avvai discusses a divorced husband who is desperate to meet his daughter. Therefore in order to be more close to his daughter, it is noticed that he takes up a job as a nanny. He works in his father-in-law’s house to be closer to his family.

Watch the movie to know more about what happens in the plot.


Plot Of Sixer

The plot of the movie is about a site engineer who is suffering from night blindness. Deep into the plot, we notice that he is mistaken for the leader of a protest group. He is identified as a goon. Then his life gets complicated as he falls in love.

As the plot moves further, it is revealed how Aadhi got out of the situation. It is a comedy film with great punchlines. The humor in the movie is quite bold. Viewers do not get bored from watching this movie as it has constant great elements.

The content of the movie is created in such a manner that it connects with the viewers greatly. The comedy works well throughout the movie.


Plot Of Gurkha

The plot of the movie Gurkha engages about a security guard who works at the mall. He belongs to the Gurkha community. It is then noticed that he becomes the saviour of several people who had been kept under siege by a terrorist.

The Movie has a hilarious plot that will definitely keep you entertained for hours. It is also noticed that the movie has a wonderful romantic twist. The best representation of the movie is that it ends on a fun note. Watch the movie to know more. 

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